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"Her ability to take a character and send a room of people into side-ripping giggles, then immediately commence silence with one withering look is a skill I envy!" 
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"A must see!" - LA TIMES

"See this via before she's on Broadway!" - THEATRE PEOPLE

"It's absolutely hilarious! Alcorn has got a personality and voice so big that her own spirit shines through even while channelling Midler. There’s a knowing wink in her show – she’s not trying to fool us into thinking we’re watching the real Miss M, but a star in her own right playing a character." - TIME OUT 

“Her voice is sensational!” - STAGE NOISE 

"The words, the songs, the mannerisms may be Bette’s but this is Catherine’s show. She can stop the laughter with a glance and elicit applause on command." - ARTS HUB

“While she oozes sex appeal, glamour and a wickedly inviting sense of humour, Alcorn has, above all, a bloody amazing voice- ADELAIDE ADVERTISER 

“The Idolize Speigeltent was packed with an adoring audience who rose to her every command. Alcorn’s voice is superb. Her length and pitch on the final notes of ‘Am I Blue’ has to be heard to be believed.” - AUSSIE THEATRE 

“She’s the chanteuse with a voice that packs a wallop or reaches deep within the soul. - CANBERRA CRITICS 

“Between the tall tales, double entendre, and tongue-in-cheek vulgarity, the heartache behind the humour, most evident in Alcorn's rendition of Am I Blue, elevates her titillating tribute to a tender triumph.” - THE WEST AUSTRALIAN 

“She’s bloody talented. She can sing. She can act. She has comic timing. And the confidence, the unmitigated chutzpah.” - CRICKEY SYDNEY  

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